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February 2001 Issue [Readings]

Making the Big House a Home

From a list of regulations distributed, in English, to foreign prisoners confined in Tokyo’s Fuchu Prison.

While walking, avoid folding your arms or hands or putting your hands in your pockets.

Avoid waving your shoulders intentionally or dragging your shoes while walking.

You should never strip without permission.

Do not hang a towel around your neck.

Conversation in the toilet is prohibited.

Do not sniff or drink paint thinner.

You are not allowed to bother the guards when they are escorting you.

You must not say anything abusive, slanderous, or insulting to others.

You are not allowed to do any kind of sexual play with your inmates.

You should not expose your sex organs.

You are not allowed to creep into your fellow inmate’s bed.

You are not allowed to create obscene writing or drawings, or possess any such thing.

You are not allowed to talk loudly, make a big noise, or sing a song at the places where conversation is prohibited.

Tattooing or changing your hairstyle or eyebrows in peculiar forms is forbidden.

Without permission, you are not allowed to wash your clothes or body.

Running away from prison or any attempt of such is strictly forbidden.

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February 2001

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