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From an October 27 federal criminal complaint against Luqman Ameen Abdullah and ten other alleged members of Ummah, a radical Islamic separatist group based in Detroit. On October 28, after a two-year investigation, FBI agents attempted to arrest Abdullah on charges that included conspiracy to sell stolen goods and illegal possession of firearms; he refused to surrender, shot at them, and was killed. S-3 is a confidential FBI source.

Abdullah said, “We’re not any fake terrorists. We’re the real terrorists.”

Abdullah discussed having small Islamic states, separate from the nation of the United States, “like the Amish, and the Mormons in?Utah.”

Abdullah and S-3 were watching a police show on TV, and Abdullah kept saying, “Blow ’em up, man, blow ’em up.”

Abdullah showed S-3 a hatchet. S-3 asked Abdullah, “Do you throw hatchets?” Abdullah replied, “Yeah, I can use a hatchet.”

Abdullah told S-3 he had shot a lot of people. Abdullah said he did not know how many people, but it was “a lot.” Abdullah started to jump around the room making motions with his hands as if he were shooting people, saying, “shoot cops in the head,” and “pop, pop.” Abdullah said he had a lot of experience shooting cops.

Abdullah told S-3 to cut back on smoking because he might have to sit in a corner for a long while in order to wait to kill someone and would not be able to smoke.

Abdullah gave S-3 a video titled The Terrorist Next Door, which is a true story about the terrorist who tried to smuggle explosives across the border in Washington State during Y2K. Abdullah told S-3 the video would give them something to talk about.

Abdullah said that when things happen, he wants to be in the city as opposed to in the woods; he would be able to maneuver better in an urban area. Abdullah talked about the need to dig tunnels to prepare for this eventuality.

Abdullah told S-3 about a time when he was eluding law enforcement. Abdullah stated that as the police were chasing him in a helicopter, he attempted to shoot at them, but his rifle misfired because he had made his own ammunition and used too much powder.

At one point, Abdullah spoke to an Ummah imam’s children, who were between nine and eleven years old. Abdullah told them stories about his shooting people with a 9mm gun.

S-3 told Abdullah that when he was in prison, an inmate gave him the formula for TNT. Abdullah asked S-3 if he could still make TNT. S-3 explained that he hadn’t thought about it in a long time and would have to write it out on paper first. Abdullah told S-3 that if he could remember how to make TNT, that would be nice.

Abdullah claimed he was able to penetrate a bullet-proof vest with a knife.

Abdullah repeatedly spoke about the need to carry out their mission. However, he never provided details of what the mission was.

Abdullah said that he knew he was being listened to by law enforcement, so he intentionally made conflicting statements in order to protect himself.

Abdullah said that he is hopeful that anyone working for the Feds will come to the mosque to pray, will see the error of his ways, and admit he has been working with the Feds. Then he will be on the inside.

On television, there was a program with a nuclear bomb in it. Abdullah said that he just needed a little bomb. When S-3 asked Abdullah what his target was, Abdullah whispered, “Washington.”

Abdullah said, “I ain’t talking about just grabbing somebody off the street. One of them superagents. Trail them, follow them, deal with them the way they supposed to be dealt with, man.” S-3 then asked Abdullah how he would recognize the “superagents.” Abdullah responded, “It’s not that complicated, man.”

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January 2010

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