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From recent emails sent to Roman Daniels, also known as Red Voltage, a leader of the Black Monday Society, a crime-fighting group that has been patrolling Salt Lake City in superhero costumes since 2006. Hakama are traditional Japanese breeches.

So when, where, and how often do you guys gather? I used to patrol in Vegas for my neighborhood and kept it douchebag free for a good few years. I moved out here to Utah last year but didn’t know about you guys until now. Unfortunately I ditched my gigs when I moved, but I can definitely make some new stuff. I’m pretty damn well-versed in several martial arts, I make my own weapons, and I definitely dig the heroes-from-Hell motif y’all got swinging. I even have a means of making more funding for better gear for our members, if my fiction books get popularized, that is.

I am an experienced swordsman. I choreograph fight scenes on the side, but patrol in Provo at night. I wear a simple samurai outfit consisting of hakama, wooden sandals, and a swordsman top. My original uniform top was damaged irreparably in an encounter with a criminal gang member. I don’t really have a mask right now but am willing to use one. I am a great analytic thinker and have assisted many people in starting businesses and putting them online.

I recently sent a message to the “Contact Us” link. Perhaps you are so busy you have not had time to respond. Maybe because I didn’t list any deaths in my family, or my bad childhood, you didn’t take me seriously. Do you need pictures of my costume? I am studying criminal justice. I know wing chun kung fu. More specifically, I fight with a combination of Snake and Crane styles. I own real-life swords. And I know how to use them. I am including one photo of a portion of my uniform.

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August 2012

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