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Rich men with big biceps tend to oppose the redistribution of wealth and poor men with big biceps tend to support it, whereas the weak are less strongly opinionated. The more conservative an American female lawmaker is, the more feminine her face will be, and the uglier a Spanish woman is, the less likely Spaniards are to believe she killed her non–gender-specific abusive partner in self-defense. Domestic violence in England rises by about 30 percent with either a loss or a win in a World Cup match, but draws have no effect. Chicago’s coyotes are monogamous, and blondes are likelier to cheat. The clinically depressed are less able to differentiate between anger, anxiety, disgust, frustration, guilt, sadness, and shame. Both male and female college students who believe men should sexually dominate women were found less likely to pick up free female condoms from a bowl next to the computer on which they filled out the survey. Psychologists found that white college students who have been told they belong to the Moon race can differentiate well between other Moons, whether those Moons are black or white, but find members of the Sun race harder to tell apart. Widespread rebellion was observed among slave ants.

Australian scientists discovered a population of dolphins among whom a technique of using sponges to catch small fish has been passed from mothers to daughters for the past 180 years. Trained lemon sharks can pass along behaviors to naïve sharks. A woman in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France, was embraced by an octopus while aquabiking. A woman in Fort De Soto Park, Florida, turned herself in to police for riding a manatee. Obese teenage boys have only half the testosterone and obese children have insensitive taste buds. Obese children were again found to experience foot pain, fatness was found to be 50 percent more prevalent among Europe’s only children than among its siblinged children, and obese Canadian children were found to be more likely to take prescription medication. Calgary scientists prevented bedsores in the paralyzed by means of electroshock underwear. A pelvic surgeon warned of the incontinence of long-distance runners. Bedwetting was linked to activity in the brain’s Oz site. The use of pacifiers in infancy retards the empathy of adult men. Targeted social rejection activates the inflammatory response of adolescent girls. Children in a marshmallow study will eat the marshmallow if they believe the researchers have abandoned them. Engineers described why children and the primitive sometimes think the number between 1 and 9 is 3.

Chinese soft-shelled turtles were found to ureate from their mouths, and bats worldwide were found to avoid the light of the moon. Paler Germans are less likely to use tanning beds. Researchers from the Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum and the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologie discovered the world’s oldest ivory workshop, near Zeitz. Ancient peoples in the mountains of Chongqing ate premodern pandas, whose descendants prefer to deposit their anogenital-gland secretions on rough-barked, moss-free trees. Korean eunuchs of the Joseon dynasty, most of whom either underwent castration voluntarily or lost their genitals to dogs, were found to have lived, on average, fourteen to nineteen years longer than their intact male counterparts. Spanish researchers found the spot where Caesar was stabbed. Slime molds avoid retracing their own steps. The atmosphere’s organic jellies are virtually unaging. Chemists slowed the respiration of bananas. MIT scientists unveiled a universal model of leaf decay. Waste from the production of M&M’s was turning the honey of Alsatian bees green and blue. Pathobiologists killed dog cancer with a rabbit pox. Plant pathologists Sudeep Bag, Neena Mitter, and Hanu Pappu found that iris yellow spot virus and tomato spotted wilt virus ally to superate the defenses of jimsonweed. Mice with Lou Gehrig’s disease were dying for the wrong reason. Sightings of pizzly and grolar bears were abundant. Scalabrini’s noseless lemur was found to be a fish.

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