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February 2014 Issue [Readings]

Saving Private Ryan’s Sweatpants

From a list of more than 100,000 items in storage at the U.S. Army Historical Clearinghouse facility in Anniston, Alabama, released in September by the Army’s Center of Military History in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by the website The facility stores, restores, and ships artifacts on behalf of the center, supporting more than a hundred Army museums.

Armband, Mourning, Civilian, Nylon, Black, U.S., Mid-20th Century

Ax, Battle, Philippine Insurgent Army, Iron/Wood, Early 20th Century

Backgammon (Set), Iraqi Army, Plastic, Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm)

Badge, Hat, Royal Dental Corp, British Army, Mid-20th Century

Bag, Plastic, Tamper-Resistant, White/Gray, Iraqi, Early 21st Century

Ball, Soccer, 1st Cavalry Division, Leather, White, Iraqi, Early 21st Century

Balm, Lip, Blistik

Bodice, Wedding Dress, Civilian, Woman’s, Satin, White, U.S., Early 20th Century

Booby Trap, Stake, Barbed, 1960’s

Card, Happy Valentine’s Day, U.S. Army, Paper, Afghan, Early 21st Century

Comic, “Black Cowboys,” U.S., Circa 1972

Container, Coca-Cola, White/Red, Saudi Arabian, Late 20th Century

Disk Drive, U.S. Army, Circa 1985

Frisbee, Operation Venture, Desert Shield, U.S. Army, Plastic, Tan, Iraqi, Persian Gulf War

Package, Deodorant Stick, Right Guard, 2.5 oz., U.S., Circa 1986

Packet, Paper, Toilet, U.S. Army, Yellow/Brown, U.S., Circa 1979

Stick, Measuring, Animal, U.S. Army, Wood, Circa 1930

Stick, With String

Strap, Broken

Sweatpants, Cotton/Polyester, Black, Medium, Iraqi, Early 21st Century

T-Shirt, Progress and Prosperity, Cotton, X-Large, Iraqi, Early 21st Century

Tack, Thumb, Box of, Metal, Silver, 100 pcs., Iraqi, Early 21st Century

Tassle, Yellow

Turban, Man’s, Cotton, White/Red, Tunisian, Circa 1989

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February 2014

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