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From a list of items available for purchase by local police departments through Department of Homeland Security grants.

Nerve-agent antidote kit

Prussian blue — used in emergency setting for radiation exposures involving cesium

Treatment for internal contamination from plutonium, americium, and curium

Body hoist

Encapsulating body storage system

Body refrigerators (2, 3, or 4 bodies)

Water-based depopulation foam (used to humanely depopulate poultry)

Large animal postmortem kit

Decontamination lotion

Infrared spectroscopy explosive detector

Laser-based standoff explosive detector

Gamma/neutron standoff detector

Radiation-mitigation blanket

Mercury-vapor test kit

Underwater welding equipment

Tools for IED remediation, such as boot bangers, shape charges, bomb blankets, blast suppression shields (actual explosives will not be allowable under DHS grant programs)

Battle dress uniforms

Blast-resistant trash receptacles

Flame-resistant undergarments

Surveillance equipment capable of capturing incoming and outgoing phone numbers, along with the duration of calls, without listening to conversations (also includes equipment designed to extract information from personal digital assistants and cellular devices)

Ground-/wall-penetrating radar

Noninvasive pulsed-neutron activation system

Terrorism incident protective ensemble

Collective protective system — an integrated system for providing protection against ideological, chemical, and biological threats