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From posts to Five-O, an app created by three African-American teenage siblings that allows users to comment on interactions with police officers.

Hanging out by the Petaluma River, Officer Miller shows up and says somebody called saying I was smoking weed (I wasn’t nor did I have any on me). I did not consent to a search. Searched me anyway and found my art supplies. They charged me with intent to commit vandalism and having an illegal weapon, which was a 100 percent legal knife. He said the knife was loose and accused me of purposely making it that way to make a gravity knife. Petaluma police will search you without consent.

I was having car trouble and saw an officer sitting in his car playing on his phone. Asked him for assistance, and he refused. Then went back to playing on his phone. It looked like he was on Facebook.

I was with my black boyfriend, and the officers both told me I shouldn’t be dating him. Also asked what my parents thought of me dating a colored guy. They were verbally rude to him and were physically rough with him. They had no reason to come up to us, because we were sitting in my car in a parking lot. Overall they were terrible and scaring people for no reason.

He stated the reason for the stop was my license-plate cover blocking view of my tags. Upon checking, there was no part of the plate cover obstructing anything on my plates. I do, however, believe he originally profiled me based on my Hatchet Man stickers.

Family time, study time, when aggressive knock at the door. Gwinnett County police, guns drawn. Apparently someone called in a report that they’re hiding from boyfriend in closet. Police come in, kids nervous, we’re all in shock. Situation defused, police apologetic, kids have to finish homework. But I don’t think that will be possible tonight. Sigh. PS: After apology, officers ask my husband for his ID and run him for warrants.