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From the description of the Vajankle, a silicone foot produced by Sinthetics, an intimate-doll manufacturer. A single Vajankle, without a shoe, costs $175.

At Sinthetics we are known for our beautiful, super-realistic silicone feet. We offer them in different styles and sizes. The short feet are solid silicone (no internal structure) and end just above the ankle. The tall feet have the same internal structure as the dolls (ankle joint, cores, etc.), ending just below the knee. The tall feet also have small hooks at the top, which you can use for hanging and posing. All styles are molded from life, so they have the detailed skin texture you would expect.

The Vajankle is a novelty product that was created by special request. It has a usable vagina in the top of the ankle. You can order the Vajankle separately, or in a mixed pair (one foot has the vagina, one is just a standard short foot). We selected our models based on requests from our foot-fetish friends. (There is a lot of discussion about feet on our forum — you are welcome to participate.) Please feel free to apply the age/race/personality of your choice to the feet. Future styles will be added as we add bodies to our doll line.

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June 2015

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