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Amount an Arizona group donated to a police charity for the chance to tase Glendale’s mayor in June : $10,000

Minimum number of people killed with tasers by U.S. police so far this year : 35

Percentage of people killed by U.S. police so far this year who were mentally ill : 26

Factor by which a black American who is arrested is more likely than a white one to be killed in the process : 2

Portion of the world’s female prison population that is incarcerated in the United States : 1/3

Percentage of elected U.S. prosecutors who are white men : 79

Who are women of color : 1

Portion of Rwanda’s parliament that was female before the country’s 2003 constitution reserved 30 percent of seats for women : 1/4

That is now : 2/3

Minimum number of women who are arrested or beaten in Sudan each year for breaking public-decency laws : 40,000

Percentage of people living in Turkey who say they are “very concerned” about the Islamic State : 33

Of people living in Israel : 44

In the United States : 68

Portion of African lions killed for sport that are sent to the United States as trophies : 2/3

Percentage of Americans born before 1976 who describe themselves as environmentalists : 43

Of those born between 1981 and 1996 : 32

Portion of tattoo-removal procedures in the United States that are performed on women : 3/4

Factor by which a U.S. video-game player is more likely to be an adult woman than a boy under eighteen : 2

Percentage of U.S. viewers of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup final who were male : 56

Percentage of Americans who say that Hollywood produces too few movies with strong female protagonists : 30

That it produces too many : 11

Portion of female U.S. college students whose parents pay for most of their education : 3/4

Of overweight female U.S. college students : 1/2

Percentage of obese U.S. preschoolers whose parents believe their children are “about the right weight” : 78

Estimated percentage of child-rearing heterosexual couples who are unmarried : 44

Of child-rearing homosexual couples : 15

Portion of U.S. small-business owners who say they should have the right to refuse service to LGBT customers : 1/3

Chance that a low-wage worker in the United States in 1968 had attended college : 1 in 6

That a low-wage worker has today : 1 in 2

Percentage change since 1977 in the inflation-adjusted cost of educational books and supplies : +1,041

Percentage of U.S. college students in study-abroad programs who are black : 5

Factor by which the children of immigrants to E.U. nations are more likely than other E.U. natives to be unemployed : 1.5

Percentage of West Germans who say there are still differences between East and West Germans : 42

Of East Germans who do : 71

Portion of black-white biracial Americans who have no contact with their white family members : 2/5

Portion of Americans under the age of five who are non-white : 1/2

Estimated number of native Spanish speakers living in the United States : 41,000,000

Living in Spain : 43,000,000

Date on which Catholic priests in Mexico performed an exorcism on the entire country : 5/20/2015

Price of a Donald Trump piñata in Reynosa, Mexico : $30

Figures cited are the latest available as of August 2015.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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