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From the 5,782 statutes passed in Ireland between 1385 and 1821 that were revoked in July under the country’s Statute Law Revision Act 2015.

Order announcing the king’s style

Order imposing a levy of beeves on County Mayo

Proclamation enforcing certain laws, including the prohibition of single women keeping taverns

Proclamation for the reeling of yarn

Proclamation for the winding of yarn

Proclamation to suppress clandestine use of corn

Proclamation assessing hearth money where there are no hearths

Order for the arrest of beggars without badges

Proclamation for the banishment of wandering Scottishmen

Proclamation ordering all strangers to leave Dublin in one hour

Declaration prohibiting Easter holidays due to idolatry, superstition, and drunkenness

Proclamation publishing a list of Catholics permitted to bear arms

Proclamation invalidating licenses permitting Catholics to bear arms

Proclamation for the apprehension of nuns settled in Dublin

Proclamation assuring Quakers that they will be treated fairly and reasonably

Proclamation instructing the army not to commit violence or to steal

Proclamation prohibiting owners of pigs from allowing them to ramble in public

Proclamation promising a pardon for information relating to a riot in Limerick

Order concerning tenures under the Commission of Defective Titles

Proclamation for the removal and prevention of mistakes in government

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October 2015

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