Divide and Conquer,

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From a mathematics textbook for children between six and twelve years old, published by the Islamic State’s ministry of education. The Islamic State distributed copies of the textbook to schools in Mosul, Iraq, in October, along with curricula for history, religious education, and physical education. Translated from the Arabic by Maged Mikhail.

A soldier of the Islamic State caliphate patrols for 7 hours per day. How many hours does he patrol in 285 days?

On one mission, 87 fighters are distributed equally within 3 zones. How many fighters are in each zone?

If a box has 25 pistol rounds, how many rounds are in 100 boxes? In 1,000 boxes?

Osman bought a weapon for 256,324 dirhams, and a year later sold it for 196,451 dirhams. How much did he lose?

If the number of immigrants to the caliphate from all over the world is 230 per day, what will be the total number within 32 days?

In one battle, Islamic State heroes numbered 275,220, while coward infidel soldiers numbered 356,230. Which army is greater?