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From a list of aphorisms generated by randomly recombining the tweets of Deepak Chopra, and used in a study on “the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit” by Gordon Pennycook, a doctoral student in psychology. The study was published in the November 2015 issue of Judgment and Decision-Making.

We exist as atomic ionization.

We exist as biofeedback.

We self-actualize, we live, we are reborn.

To walk the journey is to become one with it.

To traverse the myth is to become one with it.

Science tells us that the essence of nature is hope.

This life is nothing short of an evolving uprising of unrestricted empathy.

The dreamscape is overflowing with electromagnetic resonance.

We are at a crossroads of consciousness and bondage.

We are at a crossroads of rejuvenation and desire.

Transformation is the driver of rejuvenation.

Intuition is the driver of aspiration.

Potential is the driver of healing.

Complexity is the driver of being.

Ego is born in the gap where well-being has been excluded.

By refining, we dream.

By ennobling, we believe.

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February 2016

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