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From a relationship contract created by a first-year male undergraduate and signed by him and a girlfriend. The contract is part of ongoing research for Consent Stories, a project by Erica Boas, a lecturer at Santa Clara University, and Jason Laker, a professor at San Jose State University.

I will not cheat.

I will not flirt.

I will not lie or avoid disclosing truths.

I will not manipulate the relationship for profit.

I will refrain from nagging.

I will say “I love you” in a manner more significant than to my friends.

Sexual actions will stay confidential.

We will properly use birth control.

Drunken sex is a no-no.

Erections come randomly. Do not find offensive.

There will be no public comparisons made about private body parts.

No dirty dancing.

No dick threats.

I will not hack computers, social networks, brains, or phones.

Gifts will be without guarantee of compensation.

Share the bed and blanket.

Dessert proportions shall be considered separately before they are shared.

Hairstyling can be suggested but not performed by the other without consent.

Implementing tracking devices on each other or each other’s belongings must be acknowledged.

No tattoos or body art signifying our relationship will be used unless agreed between us.

Respect childhood toys and treat them with care.

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March 2016

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