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Minimum number of Beijing residents living in underground bomb shelters : 150,000
Percentage increase since 2014 in the annual number of reported labor strikes in China : 65
Minimum number of Turks who have been criminally charged for insulting President Erdogan since August 2014 : 1,845
Number of names on Turkey’s terrorist watch list in 2014 : 4,800
Today : 37,000
Estimated annual economic cost of tightened border controls to the European Union : $13,000,000,000
Number of cyberattacks directed against the U.S. government last year : 77,183
Estimated amount that U.S. individuals and organizations paid in ransom to hackers in 2015 : $24,100,000
Date on which SeaWorld admitted to spying on environmental-activist groups : 2/25/16
Percentage of Republican-primary voters who are “mostly embarrassed” by their party’s campaigns : 60
Of Democratic-primary voters : 13
Number of days after joking about murdering Ted Cruz that Senator Lindsey Graham participated in a Cruz fund-raiser : 26
Percentage increase since 2014 in the number of states with divided governments : 64
Number of states that have imposed stricter voting laws since the 2012 presidential election : 17
Percentage of registered U.S. voters who voted in the 2014 midterm elections : 63
Who say they “definitely” voted : 75
Portion of U.S. college students with federal loans who underestimate their debt load : 1/2
Who do not know they have federal loans at all : 1/7
Factor by which baggage and change fees charged to airline passengers have increased since 2007 : 3.7
Number of states in which menstrual products are taxed as nonessential goods : 40
Number of indigent defendants in Louisiana on a waiting list for available public defenders : 3,848
Percentage of unaccompanied minors facing deportation from the United States who are not granted an attorney : 42
Amount awarded to each member of a class-action suit alleging that Subway’s Footlong sandwiches were too short : $500
Percentage change since 2010 in the annual number of applicants to U.S. law schools : –38
Portion of licensed attorneys in the United States who have a drinking problem : 1/5
Number of sled dogs injured by a drunk snowmobiler during this year’s Iditarod race : 5
Number killed : 1
Percentage of fatal car–pedestrian collisions in which the driver is found to be drunk : 15
In which the pedestrian is : 34
Percentage by which using traffic circles rather than stop signs at intersections decreases injurious car accidents : 75
Percentage of U.S. intersections that are traffic circles : 0.09
Weight in ounces of a Stanford-engineered team of six micro-robots capable of pulling a 3,900-pound car : 3.5
Portion of Americans who think that most of the work currently done by humans will be automated in fifty years : 2/3
Who think their job will still exist in its current form : 4/5
Percentage of young British adults who regard an Internet connection as important to their quality of life : 69
Who regard daylight as important : 64
Number of active e-sports viewers worldwide : 131,000,000
Number of the ten Amazon best-selling books in the United States last year that were coloring books for adults : 3
Percentage of adults in the U.K. who have forgotten how to calculate percentages : 20

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June 2016

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