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From tweets by @wikisext, a Twitter bot that creates sexual messages from random combinations of text found on wikiHow.

you find my lubricant as i inspect my zipper

you consider your age as i consider my weight

you try not to compare your body to others while i change my shirt

i look for signs of decay

you listen to yourself

you slowly identify your source of your difficult emotions

you enjoy “you” time as i build my self-confidence

you understand what caused my problem as i consider how well orchestrated life seems to be

i quietly commit to not rushing myself as you tie memories to new experiences

you know your limits as i boldly build companionship in ways that are comfortable to you

i take in morning light as you softly remind yourself of aspects of your life where you feel the most fulfilled

you slowly put my hands together in your lap as i visualize my cosmos around you, my universe full of stars

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June 2016

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