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Number of countries that offer citizenship in return for an investment commitment : 23

Factor by which the average fee charged by migrant smugglers has increased since January : 3

Percentage of global refugees who are hosted by developing nations : 86

Number of refugees in Germany who are seeking work : 322,000

Who have been hired by one of Germany’s thirty largest companies : 54

Number of passports lost by revelers at Munich’s Oktoberfest celebration last year : 600

Of wedding rings : 2

Percentage of the American beer market controlled by Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller : 70

Date on which the U.S. Justice Department approved a $100 billion merger between the two : 7/20/2016

Number of banks subjected to stress tests mandated by the Dodd–Frank Act this year : 33

Number that passed : 31

Percentage of U.S. jobs created since the recession that have gone to workers with postsecondary education : 99

Percentage of U.S. retirees who are funding their retirement with cash savings : 56

Of French retirees : 17

Factor by which the U.S. budget for military bands exceeds the budget for the National Endowment for the Arts : 3

Length in days of a pilot program to determine whether U.S. Army soldiers should be permitted to roll up their sleeves : 10

Number of states that automatically remove voters from the rolls if they do not vote for a period of time : 7

Estimated number of Islamic community centers and mosques operating as polling places in the 2016 U.S. election : 2,400

Number that have been removed as polling places due to complaints : 1

Percentage of Italians who wanted a referendum on leaving the European Union two months before the Brexit vote : 58

Who did five days after the Brexit vote : 20

Number of children that British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has knocked to the ground during athletic matches : 2

Minimum amount embezzled from U.S. youth sports leagues last year : $1,710,881

Percentage by which the value of checks distributing state oil wealth to Alaska residents decreased this year : 50

Percentage by which the global price for uranium has fallen since the Fukushima disaster : 62

Number of nuclear reactors built in the United States over the past 20 years : 1

Number of square miles by which the hole in the ozone layer has grown smaller since 2000 : 1,500,000

Portion of U.S. drivers trading in hybrid or electric cars this year who opted to replace them with gas vehicles : 2/3

Percentage by which a driver from the Northeast is more likely to make angry gestures at other drivers : 27

Portion of U.S. ambulance services that are privately operated : 1/4

Percentage by which the average response time of privately run ambulances exceeds that of publicly run ambulances : 55

Chance that a Virginian driver has had his or her license suspended for not paying court fines and fees : 1 in 6

Percentage of U.S. police departments that use or plan to use body cameras : 95

Percentage of Americans who believe police body cameras will do more to protect police officers than civilians : 44

Who believe they will do more to protect civilians : 29

Minimum number of countries that have issued travel advisories for the United States this year : 3

Number of states that allow the open carrying of assault rifles without a permit : 40

Number of states in which bestiality is legal : 9

Portion of Americans who would choose to live in the United States if given the option of any country in the world : 4/5

Figures cited are the latest available as of August 2016.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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