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From complaints filed since 2015 by inmates at the Morgan County jail, in Alabama. The complaints were included in a lawsuit filed last year against Ana Franklin, the county sheriff, by the Southern Center for Human Rights. Franklin invested $150,000 from the jail food fund in a car dealership, citing an Alabama legal provision that allows sheriffs to pocket federal money allocated for food in prisons that goes unspent. She returned the money and was fined $1,000.

Every meal tastes like soap.

The bologna was frozen and had ice on it.

The chicken was raw in spots.

The rice is undercooked, crunchy, and hard.

The bananas are rotten, black, or dark brown.

The pineapple is green.

The chicken was cut in half but breaded to look like it was not cut.

The soup had a bug leg in it.

There was stuff in the tea.

There was no squash in the squash soup.

There was not enough food to fill the palm of [Redacted]’s hand.

[Redacted] could see the bottom of the tray through the grits.

[Redacted] got no beans, only bean juice.

[Redacted] found a paper towel in his soup.

[Redacted] found rocks in his food.

One person found a nail in a cinnamon roll.

They were served water instead of chicken.

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April 2018

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