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From the 2018 Chapman University Survey of American Fears. The list is included in Fear Itself, by Christopher D. Bader, Joseph O. Baker, L. Edward Day, and Ann Gordon, published this month by NYU Press. Each phenomenon below is followed by the percentage of people who said it made them afraid or very afraid.

Sexual harassment in the workplace 7.5
Whites no longer being the U.S. majority 9.4
Sharing a restroom with a transgender person 9.5
Extreme animal-rights activists 11.3
Extreme environmentalists 16.4
Being fooled by fake news 17.5
Unfamiliar technology 17.8
Antifa 20.7
Illegal immigration 21.5
Police brutality 26.6
Computers replacing people in the workforce 30.7
Government use of drones in the U.S. 32.3
Government restrictions on firearms 37.8
Random mass shootings 41.5
Extreme anti-immigration groups 41.6
Government tracking of personal data 46
Corporate tracking of personal data 46.3
White supremacists 49.3
Islamic extremists 49.3
U.S. involvement in another world war 51.6
High medical bills 52.9
Global warming and climate change 53.2
Corrupt government official 73.6

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February 2020

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