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From the headlines of advice columns published in the New York Times since the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

If You’ve Got Lemons, Make Limoncello
How to Raise a Happy, Carefree Butterfly
How to Make Your Own Coronavirus Piñata
How to Make a Frozen Margarita
Go Ahead, Blow Out the Candles on Zoom
It’s Not Too Late to Get a Virtual Internship
How to Go on a First Date During Quarantine
Be Your Own Spin Class
Give Yourself a Buzz Cut Now
It’s Robes and Slippers All Day Now
How to Hug During a Pandemic
Masks, No Kissing and ‘a Little Kinky’
Turn Your Demanding Child Into a Productive Co-Worker
How to Create Screen-Life Balance
Make Stress Work for You
Silver Lining to the Mask? Not Having to Smile
You’re Stronger Than Your Quarantine Fatigue
It’s OK to Not Be a Perfect Quarantine Employee
You Don’t Have to Emerge From Quarantine a Beautiful Butterfly
Maskne Is the New Acne
What Is All of That Screen Time Doing to Your Skin?
How to Politely Decline a Call
How to Write a Condolence Note
Emotional Eating in Quarantined Kids
Please Do Not Eat Disinfectant
Does Online Babysitting Work?
Oh, Good, the Kids Are Fighting Again
I Left My Husband Before the Pandemic. Can I Go Back to Him Now?
How to Rethink Your Wedding
Is It OK to Dump Him Because of His Medical Condition?
How to Reduce Your Risk of PTSD in a Post-Covid-19 World
Nature Deficit Disorder Is Really a Thing
Hoping to Buy an Aboveground Pool to Salvage Summer? It May Be Too Late
How to Entertain Your Kids This Summer? Maybe Don’t
You and Your Kids Can’t Stand Each Other. Now What?
Should You Renew Your Lease If You’ve Lost Your Job?
Should We Be More Pessimistic?

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September 2020

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