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From a statement made in July 2021 by Mike Knox, a Houston City Council member.

A situation has developed recently regarding the replacement of my official city photograph. Many of you know that I wear a cowboy hat. All the time. I had this photo taken with my cowboy hat, submitted it, and was informed that the mayor has to approve my picture. So for the past three weeks the mayor and I have been communicating by text and the occasional comment back and forth at various venues and events and he keeps tellin’ me that he’s prayin’ about it and thinkin’ about it. I just want y’all to see this hat. This hat is a $350 Stetson Silverbelly. No one wears a hat like that to work cattle, or to farm a field. This is a hat that you wear when you’re going to church. When I appear at public events, I’m never the only person in a cowboy hat. There are several people around who wear them. And so I’m going to have these pictures delivered and I will expect them to be placed in the appropriate locations as soon as possible.

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January 2022

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