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From “Why yachting families make great climate caretakers,” which was published in November on the website Superyacht Life. The average superyacht is estimated to produce 7,020 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Those on board a yacht become a part of the ocean’s ecosystem, and they are perfectly positioned to assist in the fight to protect our warming earth. Here are five ways yacht-owning families can help our oceans heal:

1. Young yachting families can use their time at sea to bear witness to how the ocean is changing. Photographing marine life and accumulating ocean plastics is not just something adults can do. It is an activity for children too.

2. By ferrying scientists to and from remote locations, yachting families can take a hands-on approach to ocean conservation. By working with scientists at sea, children can develop a love of climate protection.

3. Families can sponsor and track their own sea creatures. “My whale is called Luke!” laughs Dr. Vienna Eleuteri. “I adopted him when my nephew was born.”

4. When people are affected by hurricanes, Superyacht Samaritans rush to the rescue. Organizations such as Yacht Aid Global are at the forefront of coordinating humanitarian efforts by superyachts all over the world.

5. Technology devised for state-of-the-art boats can be transferred to other maritime industries and put to good use even beyond the ocean. Superyacht owners invest in their futures, but in the future of the planet too.