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From emails exchanged by Secret Service agents between March 2021 and November 2022 regarding president Joe Biden’s dogs, Major and Commander.

We have noticed Major getting more aggressive

Be careful around that dog

That stupid dog

Freaking clown

He bit me twice

Now I’m pissed

I was working an evening shift

Major came around the corner

I looked up and saw him

Major running at full stride

He locked eyes

Something serious was about to go down

I proceeded to walk

Major barked loudly

I immediately stopped and put my hands up

Major advanced

He came charging at me

“Major, stop!”

The dog jumps and bites

I lift my arm up

The dog was still attached

The First Lady was attempting to pull the dog off

The First Lady couldn’t regain control

The dog bit a second time on the right buttock


I could not avoid this unusual circumstance

Looks like the dog was being playful

But playful can go wrong quickly

My leg and arm still hurt

Feels like I was in a dog fight lol

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January 2024

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