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From an October 2023 interview with President Biden, conducted by the special counsel Robert Hur and the deputy special counsel Marc Krickbaum, about the storage of classified documents in Biden’s garage in Wilmington, Delaware.

president biden: I don’t remember when the boxes came or where they came from.

marc krickbaum: Do you remember whether it was when the Corvette was coming back after the Jay Leno show?

biden: Oh, no, it was, it was in and out for a bunch of reasons.

krickbaum: Okay.

biden: Because it drove me crazy. I wanted to drive it.

krickbaum: Got it. That makes sense—a beautiful car.

biden: And the worst part was, they said I couldn’t drive it outside the driveway. It’s a long driveway. So I’d get it to the bottom of the driveway, tack it up to about four grand. [Makes car sound.] You think I’m kidding; I’m not.

krickbaum: We believe you.

robert hur: I believe you. Yes.

biden: Probably one of the best parts to being vice president and president, I get to drive all these, you know, electric vehicles. I have. Damn, they’re quick. You know, think about this. You had one of those big four-by-fours, the—I think it’s a Ford Bronco, whatever it is. Zero to sixty in four point six.

hur: Yes.

krickbaum: Instant torque.

hur: That’s fast.

biden: Yeah. By the way, you know how it works? [Laughs.] It’s really cool.

hur: Sir, I’d love—I would love, love to hear much more about this, but I do have a few more questions to get through.

biden: You can take thirty seconds, but you put your foot on the brake, you hit, you hit a button that’s in the—and it says “launch.”

hur: Whoa.

biden: Until it gets to about six, seven grand. Then all of a sudden, it will say “launch.” All you do is take your foot off the brake. [Makes car sound and laughs.]

hur: It’s on my bucket list. All right. So let’s—with that, let’s launch into the next subject.

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