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Percentage by which a U.S. conservative is more likely to want to travel to the past than to the future

: 7

By which a U.S. liberal is more likely to want to travel to the future

: 70

Percentage of Americans who say their personality has changed over the course of the pandemic

: 86

Who think they have become smarter

: 70

Number of new words that Larousse is adding to its French dictionary this year

: 170

Number of these words that are related to COVID-19

: 50

Estimated percentage by which the COVID-19 death toll in the United States exceeds the reported figures

: 55

Chance that an American has a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of trust in the CDC

: 1 in 2

Number of individuals responsible for three quarters of the anti-vaccine content on Facebook

: 12

Percentage of U.S. employers requiring that their workers get the COVID-19 vaccine

: 4

Percentage of countries in which China’s image has improved since the beginning of the pandemic

: 56

Percentage of adults worldwide who believe the United States is a “threat to democracy” in their country

: 44

Who believe China is

: 38

Percentage by which the frequency of power failures in the United States has increased since 2015

: 146

Estimated amount of stimulus money that went to fossil-fuel companies under the CARES Act

: $8,240,000,000

Projected rank of 2021 among the years with the largest spikes in U.S. carbon emissions

: 1

Estimated area, in square miles, of lost natural forest that has been regrown around the world since 2000

: 227,414

Of permanent tree-cover loss over that same period

: 583,014

Percentage by which the Brazilian Amazon rainforest released more carbon than it trapped between 2010 and 2019

: 18

Number of the 100 cities most vulnerable to climate change worldwide that are in Asia

: 99

Portion of cities worldwide that report lacking the financial resources to adapt to climate change

: 1/4

Minimum number of major cities that have appointed chief heat officers to address rising temperatures

: 3

Percentage change in the number of divorces in China after it imposed a mandatory thirty-day “cooling-off period”

: –72

Percentage of fathers working from home who say that doing so improved their mental health

: 71

Estimated number of charter schools that have opened up in vacant retail properties this year

: 200

Percentage of new chain stores in the United States that are either a Dollar General, Family Dollar, or Dollar Tree

: 39

Percentage change last year in the employment rate for new college graduates

: –12

Percentage of U.S. gig workers who say that the money they earn is an “essential” or “important” part of their finances

: 56

Who have performed work for which they did not receive payment

: 29

Minimum amount spent by U.S. businesses on corporate swag last year

: $18,630,000,000

Estimated number of registered cryptocurrency lobbyists

: 264

Estimated amount U.S. consumers reported losing in cryptocurrency scams between October 2020 and March 2021

: $80,000,000

In scams that involved people impersonating Elon Musk

: $2,000,000

Percentage of people of Asian descent in British Columbia who were the victim of a hate crime in the past year

: 43

Percentage of Americans who cannot name a single prominent Asian American

: 42

Percentage of top-grossing films released between 2007 and 2019 that featured an Asian or Pacific Islander in a leading role

: 3

Portion of those roles filled by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

: 1/3
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