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Ratio of residents to publicly available bathrooms in New York City

: 7,258:1

Minimum percentage of federal funds for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure last year that went to roads, bridges, and highways

: 15

Percentage by which the wealthiest neighborhoods in U.S. cities have more trees than the poorest

: 65

By which the whitest neighborhoods have more trees than those that are the least white

: 78

Number of additional trees needed to achieve an equitable distribution across U.S. neighborhoods

: 522,000,000

Estimated portion of the contiguous United States affected by wildfire smoke on July 21, 2021

: 9/10

Factor by which monthly heat records are more likely to be set now than in the preindustrial era

: 5

Estimated portion of new monthly heat records attributable to climate change

: 4/5

Factor by which the earth’s heating rate increased from 2005 to 2020

: 2.4

Percentage by which average nighttime temperatures have increased more quickly than daytime temperatures since 1951

: 37

Estimated number of Americans it takes to produce enough carbon dioxide to cause one temperature-related death

: 3

Minimum amount that FEMA has spent to cover the funeral expenses of COVID-19 victims

: $804,000

Percentage of Americans who have “zero confidence” in the health-care system’s ability to handle a future emergency

: 45

Portion of Americans who would agree to live in a colony on Mars for the rest of their lives

: 1/4

Percentage increase since 2015 in the amount of money raised annually by space startups

: 174

Average number of annual spacecraft launches from 2015 to 2019

: 381

Number of launches last year

: 1,282

Percentage of Americans who developed a new hobby during the pandemic

: 59

Percentage of those Americans who have successfully monetized that hobby

: 48

Percentage of U.S. cryptocurrency holders who are men

: 74

Who are white men

: 56

Chance that an office space in Manhattan is available for lease

: 1 in 5

Percentage by which open-plan offices have been found to decrease face-to-face interactions

: 70

Portion of Americans who think their productivity would improve or remain the same if they worked four-day weeks

: 3/4

Percentage change in Icelandic workers’ output after they began working five fewer hours per week

: 0

Factor by which Americans would prefer working four-day forty-hour weeks to five-day forty-hour weeks

: 3

Percentage decrease last year in the hours worked by the average European

: 4.5

Percentage increase in the rate of police resignations from April 2020 to March 2021 compared with the previous year

: 18

Chance that a U.S. election official feels “unsafe” in his or her job

: 1 in 3

That he or she is concerned about death threats

: 1 in 5

Percentage of local U.S. election officials who plan to resign or retire before the 2024 election

: 22

Number of state immunization managers who have left their jobs since the COVID-19 vaccine became available

: 10

Percentage increase last year in the volume of cardboard used to ship goods directly to households

: 38

Weight, in tons, of that cardboard

: 23,203,653

Percentage change in the number of babies named Alexa since the launch of the Amazon product

: -79

Minimum number of children named Alexa who have legally changed their names because of it

: 4
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