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Percentage change since 2010 in the portion of Americans who identify as exclusively white

: –9

Who identify as white in combination with another race

: +316

Percentage of Republican-leaning Americans who say the declining share of white people is bad for society

: 34

Portion of new U.S. hires who are in occupations that typically require at least a bachelor’s degree

: 3/4

Portion of U.S. adults who do not have a bachelor’s degree

: 2/3

Of black U.S. adults who do not

: 4/5

Percentage of U.S. adults working remotely who would take a pay cut to continue doing so indefinitely

: 65

Who would give up social media for a year to do so

: 55

Who would give up their right to vote

: 34

Chance that a U.S. worker feels their job does not make a meaningful contribution to the world

: 1 in 5

Percentage of American office workers who have cried on the job

: 45

Portion of U.S. remote workers who admit to regularly streaming video while on the job

: 3/10

Percentage of total U.S. TV-watching time accounted for by Netflix

: 7

By cable or broadcast television

: 62

Percentage change since 2019 in the number of Republicans who say that large corporations benefit the country

: –15

In the number of Democrats who say so

: +22

In the number of Republicans who say that financial institutions benefit the country

: –44

In the number of Democrats who say so

: +30

Percentage by which more Americans are “very concerned” about domestic extremist groups than international ones

: 30

Factor by which this is more likely to be true of a Democrat than a Republican

: 9

Percentage by which more Americans believe Iran has nuclear weapons than believe Israel does

: 17

Percentage change since 2018 in the number of U.S. adults who say the government should restrict false information online

: +23

Portion of time spent on smartphones in the United States that can be attributed to “self-control problems”

: 3/10

Number of hours per week that children in China are legally allowed to spend playing video games

: 3

Percentage change since 1990 in the number of Americans who say they have a best friend

: –21

In the number of Americans who say they have ten or more close friends

: –61

Portion of Americans who lost touch with at least a few friends in the past year

: 1/2

Who lost touch with most of their friends

: 1/10

Rank of August 2021 among months with the largest number of active dating-app users ever recorded

: 1

Portion of Americans who, on an average day between May and December 2020, did not spend any time on grooming

: 1/4

Minimum percentage by which carbon emissions of the average single man exceed those of the average single woman

: 16

Factor by which Democrats are more likely than Republicans to have noticed an increase in extreme local weather events

: 2

Date on which forest fire smoke was first detected at the North Pole

: 8/2/2021

On which rain was first detected at the highest point of Greenland’s ice cap

: 8/14/2021

Year in which the first known insect species was driven extinct in the United States by humans

: 1941

Rank of New Zealand among countries best suited to survive a global societal collapse

: 1

Estimated number of potentially habitable planets from which aliens could detect life on Earth

: 29
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