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A closer look into the meanings and histories of everyday documents, diagrams, maps, and images.

False Prophets

How to forge a Dead Sea Scroll

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Signs of the Covenant

The old media of the ultra-Orthodox

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Abstract Expression

The former Yugoslavia’s enigmatic memorial architecture

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If I’m to Go

How to fight a deportation

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The Haunted House

What privacy looks like on Google Street View

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The Counter-Monument

Disempowering a memorial to Fascism

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Out of Africa

The legacy of colonialism threatens the future of genetic research

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The Birds

Amazon dreams of a drone-filled sky

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Bite Marks

What a dental x-ray reveals about poverty

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Slash Fictions

A vandalized painting and the legacy of Ivan the Terrible

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Paper Terrorism

Anti-government vigilantes wield a subtle weapon

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Suspicious Minds

Artificial intelligence and the expanding reach of the police

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Walk the Line

The unlikely origins of the US-Mexico border

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Death of a General

The American military’s failure to prevent an insider attack

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Mad Magazines

Underground comics come to Egypt

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A Radioactive Money Pit

The hidden risks of small-scale nuclear reactors

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The Lottery

The false promises of foreign-labor recruiters

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Motes from Underground

Will cave soil save us from drug-resistant superbugs?

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Sad Pink Monkey Blues

The experimental odyssey of a curious superstimulant

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A Camera on Every Cop

Taser International cashes in on police misconduct

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The Magic Toilet

Providing sanitation for the world's poor

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Project Mayhem

How the State Department helped incite the 9/11/12 riots

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