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A closer look into the meanings and histories of everyday documents, diagrams, maps, and images.

Bite Marks

1. When I was in third grade, a metal cap on one of my teeth cracked and became partially dislodged while I was in gym class. My family didn’t have…

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Slash Fictions

1. As closing time at Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery approached on May 25, 2018, Igor Podporin, a balding thirty-seven-year-old with sunken eyes, circled the Russian history room. The elderly museum attendees…

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Paper Terrorism

1. In the spring of 2011, Cherron Marie Phillips, a real estate agent in Chicago, decided to take revenge on twelve government officials who had been involved in prosecuting her brother…

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A Flag for Trump’s America

1. One day near the end of 2014, a nineteen-year-old white University of Michigan student named Andrew Jacob was sitting in his dorm, thinking about the police. All he seemed…

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A Radioactive Money Pit

Correction: Because of a production error, a portion of the third paragraph on page 64 was deleted. The complete paragraph should read: Vendors like BWXT are unlikely to admit it, but these…

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What the Camera Saw

              In 2005, the Turkish government launched a program called the Urban Security Management System (known by the acronym MOBESE), a network of CCTV…

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Syphilitic

To view a larger version of the Annotation, click on the image below:                   Please see also Kevin Birmingham’s essay, “On Joyce and…

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March 2020