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From “Inside Stories,” an essay published in the Winter 2021 issue of Five Points. I used to visit an elderly woman who lived in a single room in an apartment…

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Fathers, Sons, Screaming Eagles

From Let Me Tell You What I Mean, a collection of essays that will be published next month by Knopf. The essay originally appeared in The Saturday Evening Post in…

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Abstract Expression

The former Yugoslavia’s enigmatic memorial architecture

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Things to Come

On March 30, during one of the daily briefings on the COVID-19 outbreak that had so captured the hearts and minds of New Yorkers, Governor Andrew Cuomo uttered a sentence…

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Survive and Advance

A letter written in 1943 in response to a request from the Committee of National Liberation in Algiers to outline the mood in France, which was under Nazi occupation at…

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Killing Time

From Occupation Journal, a diary that Giono kept during the Nazi occupation of France, which was published last month by Archipelago Books. Translated from the French by Jody Gladding. tuesday,…

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The Most Hated Nation

It was the foggy end of a drizzly day. Along the lunch counter of the Ferry Dock Tavern, gray-haired men in overalls and leather jackets were eating oyster stew. A…

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Freedom from Inspiration

The fight over which of our public monuments should remain where they are is as complicated as the American past they commemorate. For all the fighting over who and what…

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Machine Politics

Rather than creating a more equal society, the internet has given rise to a new age of authoritarianism

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