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Social aspects

The Jitters

Fear is an old emotion, laid down deep in the nervous system. Without its promptings no species of animal life could have survived and civilization could not have developed. Certainly…

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Tests of Time

Among the many things disrupted by the spread of the novel coronavirus and the global mobilization against it has been our sense of time. In part, this is simply the…

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Lost Boy

From the introduction to a forthcoming edition of her book On Michael Jackson, which was first published by Pantheon in 2006. In the first year of the twenty-first century my…

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Shadow Dancing

Infinity is a disco in Lower Manhattan. It is 3 a.m. on Friday, the dead of night, but the evening is not yet half over and there are still two…

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Come as You Are

From accounts of nonsexual orgasms documented in “Orgasm Range and Variability in Humans: A Content Analysis.” The study was published in the International Journal of Sexual Health in November of…

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Nobody Knows

When I was eighteen, I spent several months working as a bus girl at a diner. It was a cheerful-looking place, facing San Francisco Bay. The kitchen was L-shaped: the…

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The Other Whisper Network

How Twitter feminism is bad for women

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What Remains

By Richard Lloyd Parry, from Ghosts of the Tsunami, which was published this month by MCD. Parry is the Asia editor of the Times of London. On the afternoon of…

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October 2017

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