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Social aspects

Poison Apples

Thirty years ago, Apple Computer launched a new product with a messianic commercial in which legions of blank-faced, coverall-clad workers march, as if in a trance, through a strange industrial…

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From blog posts on Paladin of Jihad offering advice for Western Muslims preparing to migrate (or “make hijra”) to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State.

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Christmas in Prison

Greeting the holidays in an age of mass incarceration

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Cage Wars

A visit to the egg farm

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The Seductive Catastrophe

Why the world went to war in 1914

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The Global Game

By Simon Kuper, a columnist for the Financial Times, from lectures delivered in April at Occidental and Pitzer Colleges. Kuper’s books on soccer include Soccernomics, which he co-wrote with Stefan…

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Feeding Frenzy

From emails to the U.S. distributors of Breast Milk Baby, a doll made by the Spanish toy company Berjuan. The doll comes with a special halter top for children, featuring…

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Is Paris Bathing?

From 112 Gripes About the French, a 1945 handbook for American soldiers in occupied France, edited and republished this month by the Bodleian Library.

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Kiss and Makeup

From observational notes cited in “Everyday Advertising Context: An Ethnography of Advertising Response in the Family Living Room,” by the Australian researchers Laknath Jayasinghe and Mark Ritson, in the June…

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September 2013

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