Overhead Comportment, by Winston Choi-SchagrinShayla Love

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From newspaper accounts since 2010 of incidents in which airplane passengers were removed or flights were rerouted in response to passenger behavior. Compiled by Shayla Love and Winston Choi-Schagrin.

An elderly man on a delayed Hong Kong Airlines flight struck a stewardess several times as passengers clapped and cheered.

A woman on a Thai AirAsia flight threw hot water and instant noodles at a flight attendant after being told that she couldn’t be seated with her friends. Her companion yelled that he would “bomb the plane.”

Moments after a Jet Airways flight landed, a passenger opened the emergency exit, jumped to the ground, and walked away.

A Southwest passenger stabbed her snoring neighbor with a pen.

A woman on a British Airways flight from Kingston, Jamaica, to London removed her clothing and began to masturbate.

A Sunwing plane bound for Cuba turned around after two female passengers consumed their duty-free alcohol, smoked cigarettes in the lavatory, and began to physically fight each other.

A passenger on a US Airways flight brought spoiled meat in his carry-on bag. The contents spilled as the flight taxied, causing maggots to fall from the overhead bin onto the heads of travelers below.

During an EasyJet flight from Tel Aviv to London, a passenger took a two-foot-long snake from his luggage and began feeding it.

A man flicked a scorpion that fell on him during an Alaskan Airlines flight onto a woman sitting next to him. The scorpion stung her.

A Middle East Airlines plane turned around mid-flight to retrieve an Iraqi parliament member’s son, who had missed the flight.

An American Airlines plane made an emergency landing after a passenger refused to stop singing “I Will Always Love You.”

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