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Polarized political partisans are impatient not with their opponents’ views but with all politics; political consensus between parents and children has been rising since the Sixties; liberals are more likely to read news sources that use serif fonts. The language of inmates represents the prison as an animal kingdom. The more a man associates women with birds, the more sexist he tends to be. Women are likelier than men to assume male feminists look feminine. The more educated an American man is, the less likely he is to change his name when he gets married. Hyposexual Czech women confer mercy sex on their male partners four times as frequently as do hyposexual Italian women. High vocal pitch offsets antisocial speech content. Men with high testosterone direct more swear words and sexual words at their romantic partners and more “achievement” words at their children. Both male and female psychopaths have fewer children than average, whereas male narcissists have more. Both male and female narcissists have thicker, bushier eyebrows.

The highly educated tend to underestimate how much time they have left to live. Most adults, starting in their early twenties, feel younger than their chronological age, by 15 percent on average; those who feel older are at double the risk of dying. It remained unclear why positivity peaks late in life. Eighteen percent of men in their seventies and only 1 percent of women remain open to having sex with different people. Sex becomes more important and less enjoyable as people age, and frequent sex in old age does not correlate with slow cognitive decline. The most common porn search criterion is youth. End-of-life medical spending was falling. The annual US economic loss from childhood sexual abuse exceeds $9 billion. Jack Russell terriers achieve peak cuteness at 7.7 weeks. Duke University’s Jonathan Anomaly argued for a return to eugenics.

Sitting in a hard chair makes people want to impose harsher punishments, as does seeing other people exhibit a willingness to punish. The “honesty” that has been observed in Parkinson’s patients is the result of a dampened dopaminergic reward system, which reduces the incentive to deceive. Researchers claimed to have transferred memories between snails via injection. The Sunk Cost Fallacy persists even when someone else has sunk the cost. Mirror-touch synesthetes can tickle themselves. Happy teams score more World Cup goals. Nigerians, Colombians, and Ghanaians are likeliest to say that they are having a good day. Women wearing fat suits eat more snacks. Hunter-gatherer men achieve maximal hunting efficiency only in their late forties. The body odor of anxious dental students worsens the performance of other dental students, nests built with aromatic herbs make starlings better parents, and a male crested auklet’s sexual attractiveness is proportional to his citrus scent. Large Trinidadian guppies signal aggression toward smaller ones by turning their eyes black. Astronauts who weigh more on earth experience more changes to their eyeballs in microgravity. Bees are confused by iridescence but understand zero. Low clouds were becoming rarer over southern California. Large portions of disappearing South American rainforest are not naturally distributed but were planted by pre-Columbian peoples. The red hats of Easter Island statues were put in place with parbuckling. Malaysian oil-palm harvesters dislike their hard hats foremost because they are too hot and heavy. A colony of dead star coral from the southeastern United States washed up on a Normandy beach, transported by stray polyurethane.

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