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From a disciplinary report produced by the Denver Fire Department in October.

Engine 19 of the Denver Fire Department responded to support Denver Police Department officers on a welfare check. One of the police officers entered the residence, came out, and stated that the individual smelled of decomposition, saying, “You do not need to go inside. She is obviously dead.” To obtain a pronouncement of death from the hospital, Firefighter Marshall Henry described the patient’s condition as being in an advanced state of death, despite knowing that he had not personally performed a primary assessment on the patient. The doctor asked clarifying questions, and Firefighter Henry deliberately misrepresented himself as having performed a patient assessment. Firefighter Henry stated that when the doctor asked those questions, he realized he messed up. The police officer later re-entered the residence and shone his flashlight on the patient’s face when he observed her head “twitching.” He said, “Guys, I’m really sorry, I walked in to clear the house and when I was near her she moved her head.” The patient was, in fact, alive. Firefighter Henry stated that he should have gone and checked for a pulse: “I will never trust what a cop says again.”

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March 2023

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