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Photograms by Shao-Feng Hsu, from the series Night Swimming, in whichhe captures his breathing patterns while swimming under the new moon © The artist

Photograms by Shao-Feng Hsu, from the series Night Swimming, in which he captures his breathing patterns while swimming under the new moon © The artist

Off the Five Finger Islands, a team of cetologists aboard the Glacier Seal conducted an extended conversation with a female humpback named Twain; astrophysicists argued that the development of advanced alien technology requires an atmosphere composed of at least 18 percent oxygen; and aerospace products and parts manufacturing was found to be the industry with the highest rate of male suicide. Onshore wind turbines severely deter German bats from foraging. Microturbines in water pipes could generate 1.4 gigawatts of energy in the United States each year. A physicist from the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions created three superhard carbon nitride compounds, and Cretaceous fossils unearthed in India in the Seventies were found to be the earliest known relatives of frankincense and myrrh. Archaeologists discovered a temple where early Christians worshiped Constantine’s ancestors and found two drilled molars among 3,293 Varnhem Viking teeth. An AI that was fed the employment and health data of six million Danes turned out to be more accurate than existing sociological methods at predicting if a given person was about to die.

Electric eel discharge transforms the DNA of zebrafish larvae. Early-life trauma in mice leads to behavioral consequences that can largely be avoided if the mouse pups are given Valium promptly after being traumatized. Juice-drinking chimps and bonobos recognized photos of old friends, relatives, and associates whom they hadn’t seen in decades. Mice exposed to checkerboard patterns went on to daydream of the motifs, the auras perceived by migraine sufferers are not only visual but include auditory and gustatory hallucinations, and reindeer brain waves revealed that rumination can be a form of sleep. Zoologists proposed splitting two species of sub-Saharan larks into seven, and three subspecies of soft-furred southeast Asian hedgehogs were elevated to the rank of species. Probiotics were found to improve the zootechnical performance of broiler chickens.

A mother is 4.6 percent more likely to give birth in the same month she was born, and adjacent siblings are 12.1 percent more likely to be born in the same month as one another. Menstrual products were found to contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Stress brought on by night shifts was found to worsen the quality of life of Gazan nurses, and women’s tears were found to make Israeli men 40 percent less aggressive. Defendants with “untrustworthy” facial features are more likely to receive jury recommendations for the death penalty. White British men who carry genetic variants associated with bisexuality tend to have more children and take greater risks, and thinking of God inspires American Christians to take morally neutral risks. A study of young adults who receive or perpetrate online abuse found that 30 percent do both. Researchers urged dermatologists to be alert to the possibility that “Ozempic face” may be a novel consequence of weight-loss drugs rather than a natural phenomenon. Researchers identified at least seven hundred researchers who published a new paper every six days in 2022.


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