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Psychological aspects


We live, we are told, in distracted times. The internet has destroyed our ability to concentrate, condemning us to a future of agitated doomscrolling. Our alienated children stare at their…

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A Complicating Energy

Notes on a year without strangers

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Fever Dreams

From accounts of dreams reported during the novel coronavirus pandemic, collected in March and April by Erin Gravley and Grace Gravley on their “i dream of covid” website. I was…

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The Jitters

Fear is an old emotion, laid down deep in the nervous system. Without its promptings no species of animal life could have survived and civilization could not have developed. Certainly…

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A writer alone with the work

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Nothing but Gifts

Finding a home in a world gone awry

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Bearer of Bad News

From the style guide of the Daily Stormer, a white supremacist news website. The guide, which was reportedly written by Andrew Anglin, the site’s founder and editor, was acquired in…

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Running to the Grave

By Barbara Ehrenreich, from Natural Causes, which will be published next month by Twelve. Ehrenreich is the author of more than a dozen books, including Nickel and Dimed (Henry Holt).…

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The Uncertainty Principle

The first year of the Trump presidency is behind us. The unimaginable has become the historical. But time, the reputed healer of all wounds, has somehow only aggravated this one.…

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February 2018

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