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It Ain’t Me, Babe


From actions committed by women that were cited as constituting “mental cruelty” against their husbands in divorce cases in India since 2014. Mental cruelty is grounds for divorce under the 1955 Hindu Marriage Act.

Slapped husband

Pushed husband’s penis

Accused husband of cheating

Referred to husband as a “drunkard”

Called husband a “fat elephant”

Made sarcastic remarks about London

Sent husband derogatory emails

Did not reply to husband’s letters

Did not prepare tea for guests

Did not want to assist in household work

Did not invite husband to the naming ceremony of their child

Did not consummate the marriage

Refused sex by claiming a medical problem

Insisted that husband move out of his family’s house and live with her

Left home in pursuit of political ambition

Visited the residence of husband’s boss and cried

Threatened to commit suicide

Banged her head against the walls of the bedroom

Poured kerosene on herself and lit a match

Had an “attitude of revenge”

Alleged that husband exhibited gender insensitivity and male chauvinism