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From descriptions of popular Twitter conversations in 2022, as summarized by the company. The topics were archived by

People think actor Mickey Rourke bears a resemblance to Val Kilmer

Lady Gaga becomes the latest celebrity to fall into a meme trend of someone posting a picture of a celebrity for humorous effect

Many respond to a tweet receiving criticism for suggesting the kinds of photos women should not share online

The usual quips about Green Day and their hit song are made as September ends, but some remember its true meaning

Author and psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson confirms a viral video shows him shopping at a mall in New Jersey

Spokane-style pizza sparks discussion

People see similarities between Popeyes food and a plate of food in a tweet

A video of a drive-thru worker’s interaction with a customer circulates online

Some debate the fizzy properties of Sprite at McDonald’s

People discuss how they feel about bringing children to Hooters

Viewers react to an Applebee’s commercial on CNN during the network’s coverage of the war in Ukraine

People respond to WWE wrestler Kane’s support for the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade

Snickers announces that the chocolate veins in its candy bar will remain

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March 2023

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