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Weekly Review

May 14, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said that a parasitic worm found its way into his brain, “ate a portion of it and then died.” Read More

May 7, 2024

Pro-Palestine encampments on college campuses spread to 24 countries, and protests reached all seven continents, including a demonstration at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Read More

April 30, 2024

A Belgian man was acquitted of drunk driving upon confirmation that he had auto-brewery syndrome, a rare condition in which the human body spontaneously generates alcohol. Read More

April 23, 2024

The University of Southern California canceled a speech by its current valedictorian, a biomedical engineer who minored in resistance to genocide, out of concern that she might discuss Palestine. Read More

April 16, 2024

Coup de Chance, Woody Allen’s 50th film, made its U.S. premiere; its title translates to “stroke of luck,” and a total of 13 theaters elected to show the flick. Read More

April 9, 2024

“It mostly felt like a brief speed bump,” said a Pennsylvania man who was receiving a vasectomy when a 4.8-magnitude earthquake struck New Jersey and the New York City metropolitan area. Read More

April 2, 2024

Dairy cows have tested positive for bird flu for the first time. Read More

March 26, 2024

Lawyers for Donald Trump indicated that the former president was too cash poor to post his $454 million bond, and that none of the 30 would-be lenders he approached for loans would grant him the sum. Read More

March 19, 2024

In Haiti, Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced he would step down once a transitional council was in place, and an ex-police officer and current gangster known as Barbecue threatened politicians who were planning to take part in the council. Read More

March 12, 2024

A 62-year-old German man who was administered 217 COVID-19 vaccines reported no side effects and no cases of the virus; researchers found that the 217th shot had further boosted the man’s immunity. Read More

March 5, 2024

President Biden said the U.S. would begin airdropping food and supplies to Gazans, but twice confused Gaza with Ukraine during his announcement. Read More

February 27, 2024

An unidentified flying object observed traversing the skies of Salt Lake City, Utah, turned out to be a balloon; a joint military command issued a fighter jet to intercept it. Read More

February 21, 2024

Nearly one-fifth of Americans believe in a conspiracy theory involving the strategic government use of Taylor Swift to increase Biden’s reelection chances. Read More

February 13, 2024

Nikki Haley lost Nevada’s Republican primary to the “None of These Candidates” ballot option. Read More

February 6, 2024

In Pennsylvania, a 32-year-old self-published author of dystopian science fiction who recently sued the United States over his student-loan debt used a machete to behead his father, who had been a federal employee for 20 years, and then posted a video of himself holding the head in a clear plastic grocery bag as he called for the execution of all government workers. Read More

January 30, 2024

The president of the Philippines used a taxpayer-funded helicopter to fly to a Coldplay concert. Read More

January 23, 2024

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a resolution stipulating investigation into human rights abuses before additional U.S. aid is disbursed to Israel; the measure was rejected. Read More

January 17, 2024

Tunnels were discovered beneath a Hasidic synagogue in Brooklyn; a rabbi called the group of men who had dug the illegal structures and later clashed with police “rogue, and, frankly, unwell youths.” Read More

January 9, 2024

An Alaska Airlines flight made an emergency landing after a door-size section of the plane blew off 10 minutes after takeoff. Read More

January 3, 2024

An Amazon warehouse in New York asked its employees if they were facing financial hardship during the holiday season and encouraged them to write to the company’s mascot, an orange blob named Peccy, to fulfill their “holiday wishes.” Read More

December 18, 2023

The House passed an $886 billion defense bill, which set a new record for military spending and included measures that the House Armed Services Committee said would “end wokeness in the military.” Read More

December 12, 2023

In Rainier, Washington, a candidate for city council did not cast a ballot in his own election and then lost by one vote. Read More

December 5, 2023

A government official in Paraguay resigned after he signed a “memorandum of understanding” with a fictional country. Read More

November 28, 2023

A far-right politician who was once banned from visiting the United Kingdom owing to the extremity of his his anti-Islam views won the largest number of parliamentary seats in the Dutch election. Read More

November 22, 2023

Donald Trump’s campaign said that those who compare his rhetoric to that of fascist dictators would be “crushed.” Read More

November 14, 2023

Pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian demonstrators brawled outside Los Angeles’s Museum of Tolerance. Read More

November 7, 2023

Several people who attended ApeFest in Hong Kong were diagnosed with welder’s eye. Read More

October 31, 2023

Scientists studied the ways in which sperm defy Newton’s laws of motion. Read More

October 24, 2023

A New Orleans tattoo shop owner was cleared of charges in a ransom plot to turn the Jefferson Davis memorial chair into a toilet. Read More

October 17, 2023

It was reported that a Kansas teacher and stand-up comedian had been fired for TikToks in which he described “crop dusting” students with “big milky lactose intolerant farts” and teaching them that Abraham Lincoln was the inventor of the car. Read More

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