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The Mastiff

By Patrick Chamoiseau, from Slave Old Man, which will be published next month by the New Press. The book was originally published by Gallimard in 1997. Chamoiseau, who is from…

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Find the Edges

His wife had worked at jigsaw puzzles like he imagined beavers worked at logs. If you were a beaver and you worked at logs, you probably had a saying or…

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Pardon the Intrusion

By Lydia Davis, from a story collection in progress. Davis is editing a book of essays that will be published next year. She is a writer and translator.

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He had wanted to make sure she wouldn’t write about him, but he knew he couldn’t ask her outright not to write about him, since he was sure such a…

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By Hye-young Pyun, from an unpublished collection. Pyun’s most recent novel is The Hole; another, Ashes and Red, will be published this year by Arcade. Translated from the Korean by…

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Maps and Ledgers

My first year teaching at the university my father killed a man. I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember the man’s name, though I recall the man a good buddy…

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Reading in the Dark

Does fiction matter in a post-fact age?

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God Among Men

From Bakkhai, a translation by Anne Carson of the play by Euripides. The book was published this month by New Directions. The adaptation was produced in 2015 by the Almeida…

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The Send-Off

By Philippe Claudel, from Inhumaines, which was published by Stock earlier this year. Claudel is a novelist and filmmaker. Translated from the French by Camille Bromley. Read More

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