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No Slant to the Sun

There was no slant to the sun — it was just there, overhead, burning, making him sweat, making his underwear bind and the shirt stick to his back as if it had been…

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In the Beginning

By Eliot Weinberger, from Little Star #6. Weinberger’s books include An Elemental Thing and Oranges & Peanuts for Sale.                                                           the creation On June 9, 1603, Samuel de Champlain attended an Algonquin…

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The Moronic Inferno

From a new translation of Revulsion: Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador, a novel by Horacio Castellanos Moya. Moya, a Salvadoran writer, is the author of many books, including Senselessness and…

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The Sharp Edge of Life

By Saul Bellow, from a previously unpublished essay written in 1951 and included in There Is Simply Too Much to Think About: Collected Nonfiction, edited by Benjamin Taylor and out…

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Family Life

Translated from the Spanish by Megan McDowell It’s not hot out, it’s not cold. A shy, sharp sun overcomes the clouds, and the sky looks, at times, truly clean, like…

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How Much Damage Can It Do?

On the intellectual element in modern fiction

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How I Ate My Mother

By Emily Anderson, from “Three Little Novels,” published in Conjunctions: 63. Anderson erased portions of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books to “create an alternative series.” Anderson’s first book, Little:…

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In a Waxworks

From Adventures in Immediate Irreality, by Max Blecher, out next month from New Directions. Blecher, who wrote frequently about his experiences of depersonalization, was born in Romania in 1909 and…

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Two Parts

Let’s see, how do I start this? With my father or with Lotte? My father. It’s already more formed in my head, so it’ll be easier getting into. I told…

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January 2015

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