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A Little Bottle of Tears

By Diane Williams, from FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, a story collection out next year from McSweeney’s. Williams’s story “Living Deluxe” appeared in the June 2013 issue of Harper’s Magazine.

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Nice Insane

By Seth Price, from his novel Fuck Seth Price, out last month from Leopard Press. Price’s earlier novel, How to Disappear in America, was published in 2008.

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One Day Less

I doubt that death will come. Death? Could it be that the days, so long, will end? That’s how I daydream, calm, quiet. Could it be that death is a…

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Lip Service

By Wolfgang Hilbig, from “I”, published in 1993 by S. Fischer Verlag and due out for the first time in English in July from Seagull Books. Hilbig was born in…

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Making Amends

By John Edgar Wideman. Wideman is a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine.

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Interesting Facts

Interesting fact: Toucan cereal bedspread to my plunge and deliver. It’s okay if you can’t make sense of that. I’ve tried and tried, but I can’t grasp it either. The…

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From the Palo Alto Sessions

By Joshua Cohen, from Book of Numbers, out next month from Random House. Cohen is a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine. Toward the end D-Unit had been working on the…

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For Something to Do

Past Howell, he kept the speedometer needle at seventy for almost six miles, until he was in sight of the mailbox. Then he eased his foot from the accelerator, braked,…

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If You Cannot Go to Sleep

First, she tries counting. The numbers move sluggishly through her head in single file, like people in a line at the post office or at the bank or at the…

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