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Coup de Foudre

Mariama, you’ll never read this letter: if I sent it, our civil settlement would be invalidated and the district attorney would reopen the criminal case. I have no reason to…

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Family and Others

By Nadezhda Teffi (1872–1952), an author of short stories, poems, one-act plays, a novel, and a volume of memoirs. This story was first published in book form, in 1912. Translated…

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The Grave-House

By William T. Vollmann, from Last Stories and Other Stories, to be published by Viking in July. Vollmann’s last article for Harper’s Magazine, “Life as a Terrorist,” appeared in the…

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The Prisoner: A Conversation with Omar Shahid Hamid

Omar Shahid Hamid on novelizing Karachi's cops and gangsters

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The Toast

Last week I received, via Priority Mail, a card inviting me to a wedding that I’d very much like to attend. After eighteen years of partnership, the card said, Ms.…

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The Academies of Siam

By Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis (1839–1908), from Stories, out this month from Dalkey Archive Press. Translated from the Portuguese by Rhett McNeil. Do you know about the academies of…

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The Mighty Shannon

The pain began in my hips, as far as I remember, and then moved to my lower back, and from there to my shoulders and then to my neck — while…

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The Mission

By Joy Williams, from Little Star #5. Williams is the author of several works of fiction, including Honored Guest. A Mr. Hill was doing my paperwork. “What will you take…

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Romance writers, Jennifer Weiner, and the future of publishing

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