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June 2023
Current Issue June 2023
[Letter from Utah] Take the Medicine to the White Man
A “Native American Church” without Native Americans
[Letter from South Africa] Lions and Daughters
The underrated art of not getting gored

June 6, 2023

A purification ceremony took place at St. Peter’s Basilica after a naked man stood at the main altar to protest the war in Ukraine. Read More

Nancy Lemann

There and back: the author of Lives of the Saints discusses her career, religion, and influences
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[Article] from the November 1992 Issue
She’s Come for an Abortion. What Do You Say?

“You are twenty-one—exactly the same age I was when I had my one and only abortion, in London in 1938. This was way before anyone talked about the ‘right’ to an abortion, and I want to tell you my story to convey how precious a right it is. Abortions then were totally illegal; the very subject was taboo among the well-brought-up English of those days. I wouldn’t have dreamed of consulting anybody in my family, from whom I was estranged and who anyway wouldn’t have been likely to have useful ideas on the subject.”

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