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The Mothers

There is no exact translation in Pashto or Dari for “single mother,” yet after four decades of conflict — from the Soviet invasion to the war on terror — millions of women…

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Itchy Nose

When a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on March 11, 2011, Tokyo artist Kazuto Tatsuta (a pen name taken from the Tatsuta train station in Fukushima) wanted to help…

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Campaign Sketches

In August, Steve Mumford attended two rallies for Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president of the United States. Mumford went to Portland, Maine, and Fredericksburg, Virginia, to draw the…

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A Sigh and a Salute

Si Lewen’s ghost is hanging in my studio — or, more accurately, I should say that one of Si Lewen’s “Ghosts” hangs there. The artist painted about two hundred of…

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Brighter Than a Billion Sunsets

Right now someone is taking a picture of a sunset. It could be on a beach in Barbados or above the Arctic Circle or on a motel balcony in Seattle.…

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In Hayange

In March 2014, Marine Le Pen’s National Front took charge of eleven municipalities, among them Hayange, a city of 16,000 in northeastern France, where the unemployment rate rose to 15…

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Undeceiving the World

Staging — the practice of deliberately arranging a scene — has coexisted with documentary photography from the beginning. When Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre published a seminal tract on a method for fixing…

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To Laugh That We May Not Weep

Art Young would have turned 150 years old this month, and the finest gift we could have given him is Bernie Sanders’s campaign to welcome socialism back into America’s parlor…

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Crooked Timber

A footnote in John Banville’s Prague Pictures stopped me short. The book, which celebrates the work of the late Czech photographer Josef Sudek, argues that no other son of Prague…

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Wild Ones

Charlotte Dumas traveled to western Nevada in the winter and spring of 2013 to photograph wild horses in the foothills of Dayton, Stagecoach, and Silver Springs, and others at Northern…

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Look at Me

I grew up under the watchful gaze of my dead grandmother lying in her coffin. Her funeral had been meticulously documented and a series of 4? × 6? black-and-white photographs…

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May 2018